Did I mention it was free???

I am always searching through the yard sale sites and Craigslist for a bargain. I keep a running list of things I’d like to find on my phone’s “Notes” app; free plants, rustic décor, specific pieces of furniture, etc. I absolutely adore finding one of these items for dirt cheap but nothing makes me happier than when it’s listed as FREE. It’s so much easier to convince the hubby to assist me picking it up and I don’t get the stare down for spending money on what one might consider “junk”. It’s the cherry on the already delicious piece of Lemon Raspberry cake (we’ll talk about my love of cake another day).

I recently joined a group on Facebook called “Pet Chickens of Virginia”. If you haven’t heard of it and you live in Virginia, you most definitely should check it out. It’s a forum for locals to discuss anything chicken related. Within just a few weeks I’ve met some fabulous crazy chicken lovers, gained some valuable information, and purchased chickens; a Golden Laced Wyandotte and an Easter Egger, who by the way, just laid her first egg this week and it was a beautiful hue of sky blue. Really, the picture doesn’t do it justice.Blue eggs

Anyway, this past Saturday, I’m scrolling through Facebook and lo and behold, what do I see? A galvanized stock tank…listed for FREE! Did I just make a rhyme?! Here’s a peak at the tank in all its glory.stocktank

So, I wasted no time messaging the poster and to my surprise she lives 5 minutes from me! Now, to convince the husband it’s important for me to have this stock tank in our yard. I hit the highlights: it’s free, it’s around the corner, I’ll plant his favorite plants in it, and we have to drive right by there on our way into town in the morning. There. That should do it.

The next morning over coffee, he agrees and we head over to pick it up. The tank won’t hold water due to a slightly rusty bottom, but no problems there, I plan to use it as a planter. I’ve been wanting to dig up the rose bushes in front of my coop since they are not getting enough sunlight and this stock tank should fit perfect in that area right below the two front

This weekend I’ll pick up the soil and a few mums. I’m thinking some annuals mixed with perennials should keep this guy blooming most of the year and the annuals will allow me to change it up with the seasons. My good friend, Jenifer, has already donated some hostas she split this week; also free.

What is the best score you’ve ever gotten for free?



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